SiH Accountancy Services Limited
Every business needs a good Accountant !


SiH Accountancy Services Limited is owned and operated by Simon Harley. Simon has spent the last 24 years working within an accounting environment. Having initially gained manual bookkeeping experience he went on to spend the next 14 years with a stationery company in London. He joined from its inception and remained as a consultant to the business for a number of  years after he left its full-time employment. Simon was then employed by a firm of Chartered Accountants as a senior member of staff.

The experience that he gained working for a small business gives him a unique understanding of what is required by owners and managers, especially during times of recession. He has had to manage cash flow during times of economic downturn before and understands the importance of accurate and up to date records, the importance of ensuring that unpaid sales invoices are identified so that action can be taken to recover the debt. After all, a sale is not a sale until it has been paid for in full!

If your records are in a mess, how can you expect your business to be a success. Well maintained records will enable you to identify areas of concern which could have implications for your business and its cash flow.


Why pay a premium to your accountants at the year end to make sense of your records? 


SiH Accountancy Services Limited is a low cost alternative to the larger firms of Accountants. We are a small business ourselves and understand the importance of providing a friendly, efficient service with an emphasis on low cost, whilst maintaining a high standard of service. 



Owners of small businesses should concentrate on what they do best, that is run their business and delegate the record keeping and accounting function to people that understand and can assist in making the business/venture a success, without the need and unnecessary burden of employing someone full-time.

No job is considered too small and whether you simply require your accounting system to be  setup  and some “hand holding”, training, basic manual bookkeeping or a full service providing management accounts, budgets, cash flows etc, SiH Accountancy Services Limited can help. Don't hesitate, call 07861 707777 now ! 

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